Install Linux Distribution: Debian 12

Download the latest installation image of debian 12 alias Bookworm from: look for the file with the .iso extension:

Now use your favorite imagewriting tool to write this diskimage to a USB stick. (Note this USB stick will be completely wiped during this process)

Boot with this USB stick on your target machine and do a text based install. (Second menu option)

When asked choose LVM with seperate home partition. When you know what you are doing do whatever you like). Assign 256GB to the auto partitioning. (Gives us flexibility later)

In the installation process create a user called roon.

When selecting the install options only choose „ssh server“ and „standard system utilities“ so we get a bare minimum system.

now login as roon and install some fundamentals:

This will

  • update your sytem to allow installing the lastest tools
  • upgrade our base install
  • Install sudo so we can execute privileged commands as our newly created roon user
  • install the curl tool to allow command linde downloads from http sources
  • install your favorite editor (vim or nano)
  • the gnupg key lib
  • a tool to show the usage of your system ressources
# need to do this as root as we do not have sudo yet

su -
apt-get update -y
apt-get upgrade -y
apt-get install sudo curl nano vim gnupg2 htop -y

add user roon to sudo group

usermod -aG sudo roon